Click images to enlarge Make a day of it Our attractions don't stop with the shop, restaurant and  garden centre. Right next door are the Cayman Golf Centre and Battlefield Live Torquay, offering loads of fun with the  laser-based successor to paintballing. So we're an  unbeatable destination for a family day out. And while  you're eating, shopping, golfing or battling you can also drop your car in to our hand wash service. Churston Traditional Farm Shop-Brokenbury Quarry-Dartmouth Road-Nr. Brixham TQ5 0LL-Tel: 01803 845837-Email: We created Churston Farm Shop in 2007 to market the fabulous food and drink that is produced in the South Hams – the area of South Devon where we are located – and the wider South West. As long-standing livestock farmers we knew that produce of outstanding quality was being raised or grown in the area and our mission has been to create a showcase for it. But we didn’t want to run just any old farm shop. We wanted to establish a retail operation whose style #would mirror the exceptional quality of the meat,  vegetables, dairy produce and other goods we sold. So at Churston Farm Shop you won’t find yourself stumbling over boxes of carrots or sacks of potatoes. Our produce is displayed as it would be in any luxury food store. In fact we pride ourselves on running one of the most elegant and sophisticated farm retail outlets in the country. And it’s because shopping is such a pleasure and our staff so willing to assist and advise that our regular customer base has grown so rapidly. What we sell. We offer meat from local farms, including our own Aberdeen Angus beef, hung for 28 days to ensure the best possible taste, and all the rest raised and finished by people we know. We sell locally-grown fruit and vegetables. We sell cream and dairy products from the lush pastures which have made the South Hams famous for years. (And because we believe in doing things differently we don’t just sell in standard packs: we’ll even cut your butter to  size for you.) And we also stock a full range of the fantastic speciality foods now being marketed by a new generation of producers in this region.  Many of these are sold under the imprint of Taste of the West, the country’s largest and most successful regional food marketing group which represents more than 600 specialist suppliers. More than that we offer our own, extensive range of ready meals, prepared here in our kitchens. And we have an exceptional range of high-quality, locally-produced ales, beers and ciders. So we have two priorities: to sell quality and to sell local. To that end 55 per cent of all our products come from within the South Hams area and a maximum of 35 per cent from wider Devon and Cornwall. And the rest? Well because we want to offer everything you would expect to find in a supermarket, such as a delicatessen counter and frozen foods, a certain amount has to be sourced from the rest of the UK or from abroad. But that never accounts for more than 10 per cent of what we sell. The shop opening hours are Mon – Sat 9am – 5pm, Sunday 10am – 4pm. home garden centre restaurant monthly recipes shopping by phone gallery customer club find us links